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These are great if you're interested in details, but may be incomprehensible to the newcomer. Luckily, at the top of the page it will very simply advise you whether you are using the fastest service available to you.

How To Use nslookup Command & Dig Command For DNS Check Test

However, it doesn't help you if you want to change your DNS server after the test. For that you're left on your own. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. It's not something most users will think about, but it's surprising how much difference a I did not use kill switches that close particular applications when the VPN connection fails. See Table 1 for specifics.

Looking the fastest DNS with Namebench (Google, OpenDNS, CloudFlare)

Testing Protocol : I used a battery of nine tests, and repeated it five times: 1 before connecting the VPN; 2 after connecting the VPN; 3 after interrupting the uplink, and letting the VPN reconnect, or reconnecting manually if necessary; 4 after disconnecting the VPN; and 5 after quitting the client.

To ensure that there would be traffic as the VPN was reconnecting after uplink interruption, I started scripts to ping 8. Analysis of Packet Captures : The default tcpdump output format is very simple, and easy to parse:. I did all of the work in Gnumeric. As the first step, I excluded arp and other intra-LAN packets. I considered intra-LAN IPv4 packets to be those with both source and destination address being among the following:. I considered intra-LAN IPv6 packets to be those with both source and destination address being among the following:.

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I segregated IPv4 and IPv6 packets. For the non-LAN IPv6 data, I simply identified all of the packet blocks, considering gaps longer than 20 seconds to delimit blocks. I excluded secondary VPN servers, and identified packet blocks for the other five categories, as for the IPv6 data.

See Figure 2 and Figure 1. Although Viscosity did not reconnect automatically, restoring the uplink did trigger a prompt to do so. See Table 2. However, there's no configuration option for automatic reconnection, and naive users would arguably be blindsided. Worth noting that while the app on the.

How to Clear DNS Cache Mac - cmd flush dns on a Mac

Also worth noting that I got vastly different results when I did one instance of the test versus 10 instances letting the app run for 30 minutes or so. The comments from thus. Edited on Dec 15, '09 AM by sjk. To summarize: the way this tool works is by re-running your DNS queries from your browser. If you're uncomfortable with that, you should specify the Alexa data source, which will use generic data instead of your specific data.

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It makes sense the ISP dns was fastest cause generally they cache tons of sites for their services. Also its generally the quickest hop away.

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Still neat tool for others who prefer to avoid their ISP dns servers for various reasons. Not working for me.

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I use a 12" Powerbook running Tried typing. Tried double clicking the script and got same result. Any help appreciated.