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My parents are out of town! It's just that the house got a lot bigger. It's one thing to be invited to the party; it's another to keep going back for more. It's like giving a kid a box of crayons.

Makeup line to feature Wonder Woman

Makeup is fun. It's dress-up. You might not buy the sparkly black lipstick or the glow-in-the-dark nail polish, but then again, you might. So here's what you probably don't know: The products, the colors, the irreverence of M. He's not famous.

Mac Makeup

He's not even a makeup artist. And his philosophy is as unconventional as the line he's in charge of: "I don't do pretty. I don't like pretty. And frankly, I find things that are pretty to be very boring. The senior vice president and creative director of M.

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If you've seen a M. YouTube video or looked twice at an ad for Viva Glam as it passes by on a bus, you know Gager's work. Every written and visual aspect of the company—from the store windows to the wording on ads for the M. If a picture or a design doesn't have his signature scrawled across it along with a date , it's not going to happen.

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  • Gager, who studied industrial design and got his master's in packaging at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, was born and raised in Niagara Falls, New York. Not exactly a hotbed of creativity. But when he was a kid, Gager would scour his parents' New York Times for fashion pictures and copy them.

    He would sketch interior-design ideas. He would make pastel renderings of the neighbors' houses an industrious little guy, he used to sell the sketches to the residents: "I must have looked pretty forlorn—almost everyone bought the pictures". When he was 11, Gager and his best friend went to a Halloween party at their school dressed as a pair of dice.

    MAC Cosmetics: Look In A Box "Just Chillin" ماك كوزميتيكس: بوكس مكياج

    But I forgot we had to get there. Of course, they didn't fit in the car, so the costumes had to go in the back of a truck. When we got to school, we couldn't even fit through the front door—we had to go in a special service entrance in back. But we won.

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    With all that drama, how could we not win? If anyone was ever creative and eccentric enough to oversee M. Let's say your friend buys a red vinyl Wonder Woman lipstick holster. Granted, you might wonder why she would do such a thing, but you wouldn't wonder where she got it. Something went wrong, Please try again later. You should be receiving an email shortly to reset your password. Something went wrong, we were unable to reset your password. Your password has been successfully updated.

    Aladdin and beauty lovers get ready Your wish, our command!

    M.A.C. Is Giving Away Free Lipstick for National Lipstick Day

    Launching this May, this wish-fulfilling collaboration highlights the self-determination and confidence of Princess Jasmine in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney's animated classic, "Aladdin" opens in Australian cinemas May 23, Sadaf Razi Sadaf Razi is a celebrity and fashion stylist and previous fashion editor. Her dream man is Idris Elba. Smoked Almond is a bright rose brown, and its formula holds intense amounts of pigment. So what you get is extreme color intensity, vibrancy, and clarity. Its luxurious gel base melts on contact, leaving you with fully saturated color in a single stroke.

    It is super saturated and creamy, but it does not emphasize dry patches or lines. If you have dry lips, this is one formula you might love! Its formula contains moisture-coated powder pigments that condition and hydrate your lips. You get the zero-shine look of a matte lipstick, accompanied by a cushiony, lightweight feel of a balm.

    Mac Makeup: Buy Mac Makeup Online at Best Prices in India - Snapdeal

    Brick-O-La is a mid-tone berry with an amplified cream finish that lasts through the day. It is extremely pigmented, and a couple of swipes is all it takes to cover any discoloration or pigmentation on the lips. Its creamy formula sits well on the lips and does not dry them out or accentuate dry patches. This shade is a must-try for pale to fair and medium skin tones! That was our round-up of the 15 best MAC lipsticks of all time. While picking a lipstick shade, the first step is determining your skin tone and undertone. For instance, most people fall into one of two categories: warm or cool.

    Those with warm undertones have an olive or golden hue, while those with cool undertones tend to have fairer skin. If you have cool undertones, you should be careful with really light shades as they can wash you out.

    Ready, Set, Jet! The MAC Packed To Go Travel Exclusives for Spring 2011

    For warm undertones, the best lip colors are those in warm shades like orange or red. Which ones are you looking forward to trying? Let us know all of it in the comments section below. Esha Saxena. The following two tabs change content below.