Non dairy mac and cheese box

We tried six different brands of vegan macaroni and cheese all told, and it was quite the gustatory adventure. At the end of the day, these are the three brands that we recommend. Get your spoon ready and dig in!

Homemade “Boxed” Mac + Cheese (Vegan Friendly)

This mac and cheese gets baked or microwaved from frozen we microwaved it and results in silky noodles covered in a smooth, not separated or greasy, non-dairy sauce. It's percent vegan. In fact, the company unveiled two vegan versions: One with shell-shaped pasta and a second with elbow-shaped pasta that's made from organic rice pasta and gluten-free.

The "cheese" that makes up the marketed "creamy sauce" is made from a mix of pumpkin and sweet potato powders, and the sauce instructions call for half a cup of non-dairy milk. HuffPost editors had the chance to get their tastebuds on the shells. One the main conclusions: It certainly doesn't taste like the cheese sauce in the brand's dairy offerings. But with vegetable ingredients and seasonings like paprika, garlic and mustard powders, it never promised to. We used plain old almond milk in the sauce, and felt the thickening mixture looked a little scary as we stirred -- the color was a bit Halloween-y, but not in that neon Kraft kind of way.

Plus, there was an unexpected spicy odor, thanks to the seasonings. Once the shells were added back into the pot, however, things didn't look so bad. I agree with Dawn. Before I got a vitamix, someone said starting with a smaller amount of water also helps get them creamier.

Omg this was soooo good! Made this last night and the best part is that the kids loved it. Thank you for helping us start the new year in a more healthy way. Non Vegan here. They, my 9 year old son and I really liked it! My picky 4 year old was not happy it tasted a little different than his usual boxed Mac and opted for plain noodles. But the rest of us had seconds and the recipe was shared! Warning: it did smell a little bad while blending.

But it was worth the taste!

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It really did taste like cheese. I followed the recipe to a tee nutritional yeast. Plus, one person noted that their air fried cauliflower was good in the sauce as well! Will definitely do this again. So much healthier than the other stuff. Thank you Chocolate covered Katie!

This was a hit with my cheese crazy husband. And I used garlic powder instead of onion. I added a little bit of the pasta water to make it a little silkier. It was definitely gourmet quality.

Review: Boxed Dairy Free / Vegan Mac & Cheese (Round 1: Cheddar Style) | fck dairy

Made this for dinner tonight and put over a baked potato with beefless crumbles- delicious!! This was pretty good! Tastes like Cheetos the crisps. Nutritional yeast definitely has a flavor that not everyone is a fan of. Just made this and thoroughly enjoyed it. It came out great.

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I followed the advice I read in a comment to mix the cashews and water first, and the sauce came out a perfect consistency. Such a nice, savory, warming dish on this cold and rainy day. I stopped eating dairy two years ago and have tried to find a good Mac and cheese recipe. This is the BEST. This recipe will be a regular at my house.

Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese

It was very good, not a mac and cheese replacement by any stretch, but worthy as a sauce in its own way. This was so good! I served it over GF brown riice pasta- yum! I just made this tonight and oh my god I was so shocked at how cheesy and delicious the sauce is! I added roast cauliflower to the pasta and added bit more water to the sauce to make it thinner. Yum yum yum. But I just served this to a group — none of us vegans, two vegetarians — and we all thought this was really tasty.

I did not use vegan cheese, just the cashews.

Quick And Easy Vegan Mac & Cheese

I would definitely call it both creamy and cheesy. They had no idea and thought they were eating the packet stuff. Satisfied my cravings! I made this recipe for the second time this week. The first time I made it with penne and use onion powder.

I would definitely recommend making sure that the pasta you use is macaroni, as the the penne was just too big and chunky to use with this sauce. I now use garlic powder instead of onion powder and find the taste much nicer with the garlic. This is so good! I went into this with no expectations, but it turned out amazing! This recipe is the best!! I just added a tad of smoked paprika and it was the shiz.

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This is awesome! I used whole wheat rotelli noodles and added shredded cheddar vegan cheese. I used less noodles so I would have more sauce. This recipe was really good!! Gotta try her Mac! It was a little salty for me as is and I think the nooch was salty enough! Thanks for a great recipe!

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