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Could you be more explicit : how should I use starce for gphoto2? I think it was the way to do Mon Jan 20, am Hello I really need help from raspberry users. I sent a logfile to the Headchief of Gphoto2 After saying it was an "unknown problem", he said It is the usual scenario where the camera does not react to stuff being sent to it Occasionaly the camera is allowed to be accessed once after plugging it in in these scenarios. It is not always clear why this happens, if its hardware or software related So the problem comes from the Rasperry Pi? Among the readers of that post, maybe someone could give me a piece of advice?

Apart being totally stupid, what am I doing wrong? Do you think I should try to erase my SD card and try again a clean Install of raspbian, then again Gphoto2 I hope I've done that the good way previously Please, I need help!

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Thu Jan 23, am Mmmmm Not so many answers I asked again Marcus from Gphoto2, he replied Can you try a different supplied software stack? There is no reply in the logfile from the logfile. It works with my Nikon-D I just installed a Raspbian with gphoto2 a few days ago. Same version Gphoto Did not work either for me either.

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    JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next. Galin Distinguished. Feb 20, 3 0 18, 0. I tried rebooting the system a couple times to no avail. I tried the software and I was able to see the data on the drive just fine, but to get it off I will have to buy the software.

    System Specs. Sep 20, 3 0 18, 0. I couldn't for the life of me get the laptop to recognise usb2 and was left to copying in usb1 mode at 2. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5. File record segment is unreadable. File verification completed. Deleting index entry manifest. Index verification completed. Security descriptor verification completed.

    Fix An Unspecified Error Occurred Chkdsk - A Repair Guide

    An unspecified error occurred. Guest Guest. Your Welcome!!! Scott Distinguished. Mar 8, 1 0 18, 0. My Fantom Drive external HD came up lame and your precise elegant solution saved gigs of family photos and a presentation for the congregation that had to be given this Sunday morning. I'm not trying to prosletyze probably can't even spell it but I do hope you get some kind of reward where you may least expect it for such random and unboastful acts of kindness.

    Really helped us out here in Michigan. New friend of anonymous Scott. Apr 22, 1 0 18, 0. I got the message, Error: Performance Inpage Operation. I read your solution but don't understand how I can use the Ontrack Easy Pro software to recover the files. Please advise me on exactly how to use the software to pull out the files.

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