Mac os x automount usb drive

I take zero credit for the guide; all that goes to Raj. This is more of an issue with Plex, as the disconnected share is not accessible when you try to access the Plex library for that share, Plex returns an error — understandibly as the drive is no longer available. The same benefits apply to devices that may live permanently on your network, but regularly go to sleep and need to reliably re-mount volumes on wake.

Keep Network Drives Mounted on Mac OS X using Autofs — Preserved For My Own Needs

Simply append your new mappings underneath the default ones. You can replace this with a path of your choice.

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On Mac OS X The second column is the name of a file that we will create in Step 5. That is by design.

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So, this is a bit harsh. I originally wrote that answer and had it as part of the question.

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I don't think that erickson's intent is to steal credit for the answer, but that's naively what it looks like. Not at all.

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It was just extremely jarring to see a "question" with the answer right in the question. As far as I'm concerned, the only "credit" on SO is rep score, but this is a community wiki, so I'm not getting any. However, if you'd like to copy your answer into one with your name on it, I'll delete this one.

Prevent automounting volumes in OS X

I figured that was likely what was going on which is why I said I didn't think you were doing that. I was similarly unclear about the rep score implications behind it being community wiki my only intent was to share the technique and perhaps gather additional input from everyone.

How to mount OS X Lion to a flash drive/hard drive and Clean Install Mac OS X Lion

So it's all good. Great info guys, I needed this precise thing for a shared computer we have at work. Now, can this technique be used to encrypt your hole Home directory like the old FileVault 1 did? I am suspecting that not easily Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Nor will they automatically appear as disk icons on the desktop. If that is important you may want to simply add the share as a login item and have it mounted whenever you login. For filesystems that are accessed by scripts or applications I prefer having them automatically mounted and unmounted in the background on demand.

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Use Your Loaf. Why automount may be useful I have a number of remote filesystems that are stored on Network Attached Storage NAS devices connected to my local network wireless router.

macos - Automount external hard drive on Mac - Super User

Create a local mount point To get started you need to create a local directory that will be managed by the automount service. Add each new filesystem map on a separate line. Unsubscribe at any time. See privacy policy.