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Why naming your PDFs consistently matters

If you bought Papers2 on or after August 1st, you are eligible for a free Papers 3 license. Do you give discount on Papers 3? I already have a Papers2 license and I'm also a student. Can I get a student discount on top of the upgrade discount? Unfortunately we don't offer any additional student discount on top of the already discounted upgrade. Yes, when you first start Papers 3 you will be asked during the initial start up whether you like to import your Papers 2 library to Papers 3. If I import my Papers 2 library can I still continue using my library in Papers 2?

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Can I use both Papers 2 and Papers 3 at the same time? Papers 2 and Papers 3 are stand alone apps with different libraries and you can continue using Papers 2 at the same time with Papers3.


Unfortunately it isn't possible to import your Papers 1 library directly to Papers 3. Instead you first have to migrate the library to Papers 2 and then import your library as Papers 2 format. Yes you can. When you first start Papers 3 for iOS there is an option to import your Papers 1 library. You can also do it later on from the Setting menu. I have a Papers license number. Can I use it to activate Papers 3 for iOS? If not, can I get any discount on the iOS version if I own a desktop license?

Because we depend on Apple for purchases on the App Store we are unable to give any discount on the iOS version either. Can I use another cloud service apart from Dropbox? Do you plan to support any other cloud services in the future? At the moment Dropbox syncing is the only available option. Please let us know what other backend system you would like us to support. There are several reasons why we can't offer iCloud syncing.

First of all, Apple wouldn't allow us to use iCloud syncing as most of the Papers library content is not user-generated. Secondly, iCloud syncing has proven to be technically unreliable for many other software developers. Thirdly, it wouldn't be possible to use iCloud syncing to sync Papers library data to Papers for Windows. And finally, if were to offer iCloud syncing , we would have to have Papers in the Mac App store see next question. Why can't you buy Papers 3 from the Mac App store?

More on Accessing PDFs Managed by Papers 3 for Mac

Can I buy Papers 3 with my App store gift card? One of the main reasons why we can't have Papers in the Mac App store is that at the moment, Magic Citations cannot be implemented without violating some of the rules of the Mac App Store, the major issue being the requirement to sandbox the process.

In particular, Magic Citations needs to determine the front application, and makes use of Applescript to interact with the front application. It also needs read access to the file corresponding to the front window, as well as write access to that file in the case of Word , or to a newly created file in the same directory. We are still hopeful that these issues can be resolved, and we can work around some of these limitations with Apple.

We are currently working on major improvements on Livfe but we are not finished with them yet. However, your Papers2 Livfe collections still exist in your Papers library database even though they cannot be accessed at the moment in Papers 3. Can I use my license to install Papers on more than one computers at the same time? Yes, you can use the same Papers license to activate Papers in up to three computers Mac and PC at the same time.

If you do not have the dropbox application in stalled on your computer, Papers will not detect a dropbox account.

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You will have to have a physical dropbox folder on your computer that syncs with your dropbox account. I write on my MacBook Air and that is where my main Papers library resides. Since each PDF gets named the same way, this means that within my Mac, I can do a spotlight search on any of these elements and it is likely that I will be able to find the PDF I am looking for.

Having a consistent naming structure means that I have to spend less time worrying about how to find the original PDFs if I need to. Syncing my Papers library with dropbox screws with this system.

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Dropbox needs to create a unique name for each PDF to keep everything straight in its database. This means my PDFs remain neatly filed away on my Mac. This makes me happy. I have one of the first generation iPads and it is now so old and slow that it is basically unusable. I do hope to become more familiar the iOS version of Papers 3 in late November, however, as I intend to buy one of the new iPad Pro devices.

The new iPad Pro will, I think, be awesome for my reading and writing workflows. Reading a paper on one side of the screen while having a browser open at the same time makes sense to me.

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Feel free to comment below, or tweet me jasondowns. Fortunately there have been some recent improvements made by the developers of my favourite reference manager Papers 3 for Mac that makes things a bit easier. For anyone who has been using Papers for any length of time, you will be aware that Papers 2 was awesome… and then they released Papers 3. I think everyone will agree it is best that it was forgotten. However, with the most recent update v 3.

Many of the features that were so dearly loved in versions 2. This means no OCR. It also means no clicky, selecty, highlighty, extracty goodness. What this means is that the software will look at an image file in this case a scanned PDF and if it recognises words in the image, it can convert those images of the words to actual words that the computer can read [Footnote 1].

Use Citations in Papers 3 for Mac

Now, with the latest release of Papers 3, the process is much easier [Footnote 2] :. The fact that the most recent release of Papers 3 now allows spotlight to index the text of the PDFs within its library, it means that I can search for text within any of my PDFs in Papers 3 right from the desktop. Tag: tools of the trade.

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