Open cd drive mac pro manually

To do so: Open iTunes Click Controls in the upper-left side of the screen. Method 2. Close any open apps. Some CD drives—especially external ones—won't respond to ejection commands if the CD is currently being used by an app. You can keep web browsers open, but make sure things like iTunes, media players, video games, and any other programs that might be using the disk are shut down. Tilt your Mac while ejecting the disk. Angle the disk slot side of the Mac downward, then use one of the disk ejection techniques that you'd use for a working disk.

Sometimes mechanical parts that drive the CD ejection can become weakened over time; gravity may provide the push you need to release the CD. Restart your Mac while holding down the mouse button. This will usually prompt your Mac to force the CD to eject upon starting back up.

4 ways to eject a CD/DVD in an emergency

If you use a traditional mouse with your Mac, make sure you're holding down the left mouse button. Use Disk Utility to open the CD tray. Open Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Use a Terminal command. Click Spotlight. Retry the above methods after giving your computer a break.

Shut down your computer for as long as possible at least 10 minutes , then turn it back on and work through the above methods again to see if any of them work. Take your computer to a professional. If none of the above methods work, it's most likely either because your CD drive itself no longer works, or because the CD in the CD drive is physically stuck. Take your computer to a computer repair store or an Apple store and allow a professional to physically remove the disc rather than attempting to do so yourself. A disc is stuck in the iMac drive.

There is no icon on the desktop, and I can't open Safari or iTunes. My Mac Pro is in an endless loop at startup, have the Apple on the screen but won't go any further. I need to install the start-up disk but can't get the DVD player open. Keyboard is not available. I know it's something simple but can't find anything in the reference material. Posted on Apr 14, PM. Page content loaded. Apr 14, PM in response to dvdjswny In response to dvdjswny. Boot the computer into Single-user Mode.

At the prompt enter the same command as used above. To restart the computer enter "reboot" at the prompt without quotes.

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Apr 14, PM. Thank you so much for your reply but my problem seems to need a way to manually open the DVD drive so that I can insert the start up disk before turning on the computer. On some drives they have a pin hole you can insert a paper clip and release the locking mechanism and this is what I am looking for. Apr 15, AM. Apr 15, AM in response to dvdjswny In response to dvdjswny.

Follow the instructions above.

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This required the removal of the drive, bent it back, reinstalled and its worked great ever since. I had this problem and nothing worked. So I tried the reboot. System stopped me sayig windows was running in Parallels. I stopped windows and suddenly the disk became available and I ejected it.

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  • I had noticed windows media player launched while the disk was inserted and so guess that somehow windows hijacked it. I have a DVD currently stuck in my Macbook! I have tried every currently published method to remove it. The disk will play and I have no trouble booting the machine. I found by shutting down and leaving my MacPro to cool off for minutes and restarting did the trick.

    The issue is with a sub standard disk it can be slightly thinner than the norm. This results in warping. Thus preventing ejection. Hope this helps. I Have tried everything thing possible and will have to replace the cd drive. Probably broken Please advise HOW?

    You have a couple options, depending on how stuck it is....

    This actually worked for me! But this paperclip trick worked great! Some CDs and DVDs have an uneven edge which can cause enough friction to prevent the disc from ejecting. Take a large paperclip and grasp it with one hand so that about three quarters of an inch, or 18 millimeters, extends beyond your fingers. See below. With the other hand, drag the disc icon on the desktop to the Trash to force the computer to eject the disc.

    When you hear the disc attempt to eject, slide the paperclip to the left edge of the slot and then remove the paperclip. You should feel a little resistance from the spring loaded centering lever. Cleaning the edge of the disc in this way will reduce the likelihood of the disc becoming stuck again. Worked great. How did I not know this already? Name required.

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    8 Ways to Force Eject a Disc from Your Mac's Optical Drive

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    How do I eject a disk?

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