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Since I imagine moving between Windows, macOS and Linux, an Alt-Gr key or equivalent would seem to be the easiest way for me to enter these characters and more consistently. Super could then be on butterfly. Is that something desirable, useful, etc?

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Are there other keys that could use a similar translation? But beware, because this completely messes up the command line, where ctrl is still ctrl. I see.

For the commandline, a small agent on the host that can talk to the keyboard, would be able to tell the keyboard when to switch back and forth between swapping and not swapping…. Okay, re-reading your comment, this confuses me a bit. At a scan code level there is no such thing as altgr, just left alt and right alt. All keyboards except some reduced ones such as laptops have these. At a key map level, right alt sometimes gets mapped to altgr, which acts as a distinct modifier.

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Vanilla alt is normally used for hot keys and altgr for glyphs. On macs, there is no altgr.

AltGr not sent to client from server · Issue # · symless/synergy-core · GitHub

Continuing the discussion from Initial Dvorak Layout : Yep. Initial Dvorak Layout. We must have a way of letting people input text. The downside of that is you might get some very contorted key combinations. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 5 months ago.

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