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I suspect one of these is incorrect. Indeed, this is mentioned in many of the places I found.

How To Access Mac OS Remotely From Ubuntu

However, the SonicWall also got us a bunch of other great services, from basic routing to malware detection. I still find this somewhat ironic. Maybe this was the solution I was looking for all along. I'm going to try to figure out how the licensing works. Generally though, given that I have no need for SQLServer or Exchange, it seems that buying a basic Server install is the way to go, and that the SBS that was suggested to me is a red herring. Ok this time I got the right guy at MS and he took me through this. You need Server for for TS. SBS is unneeded for anything in my use-case, and was a red herring.

But finding the OEM part number for Foundation is proving difficult I have R2 Foundation that came with several of my customers Dell T servers. A VPN appliance and terminal services is a fine way to do it, but trust me when I tell you that you don't want a domain controller whether SBS or Standard and terminal services for end-users to be the same server. The end-users demanding to be "administrators" is something you'll have to figure out how to deal with because that's just plain insecure. You'll need to explain to the boss why that is monumentally bad.

Setup a VPN from a MAC to SBS 2011 for RDP

You definitely don't want them remoting into a domain controller. One false move, even unintentional or even a miss-click on something and your entire AD setup is broken and you're in there rebuilding it overnight, from scratch. Really, really, really a bad way to go. The fact that end-users who need to use Quickbooks and a few line of business apps are demanding "administrator" access is almost proof that they should never, ever get that access because they don't even know what it means.

Edit to add: The non-IT people in companies, including management need to be taught that "administrator" in computer-land doesn't mean "person who has some authority in the business to make decisions" or anything like that, so being a member of "domain users" isn't something that should make them feel inadequate. But RDPing into it for end-users to run applications is still a bad idea.

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Ok so After chasing my tail for a considerable amount of time, Foundations is not available for this platform - even though it appears on both the vendor and MS's web sites, they can't find it in their inventory system. This also means that I would lose many of the functions in SBS, which, after reading up on it, are actually the ones I really want - client backup for instance. So I really want to go with SBS. So back to the original problem , what do I use with SBS to provide those three users with remote access?

I called Citrix, but from the conversation I had with them perhaps incorrect , their entire product suite is now based on Terminal Services, and thus does not run on SBS. That's too bad, because XenApp sounded like a good solution. So RealVNC? Any other suggestions?

windows - RDP with Mac and Server Essentials - Server Fault

So, then each user's laptop they took with them had two shortcuts, one to the vpn, the second to RDP to their assigned XP install on the VMWare server. It has worked pretty well and was much cheaper than an actual terminal server. MS has their own version of this now, MultiPoint Server. But it's not clear if this is a better option or not. Yours is something I can do on an existing machine, just install VM's and Windows 7's as needed.

I have been trying to set up something similar for remote access for remote users to access Quickbooks and Quickbooks POS. We have been using Logmein Hamachi for several years, and it works flawlessly and seems relatively secure. To be honest, if all you really want to do is host Quickbooks, I would buy one or two workstations and have them set up with Logmein, QUickbooks and Remote Desktop.

You will need WIndows 7 Pro for the remote desktop piece. The Microsoft server implementation for a small user base is too expensive and cumbersome. Even on very fast connections it is too slow and error prone. We tested that out and it was definitely NOT viable.

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Good luck. Please let me know if you figure out a good server solution Remote access and SBS Essentials 13 posts.

Maury Markowitz. Last edited by FKnight on Tue Jul 31, am. Maury Markowitz wrote:. FKnight wrote:. Posted: Fri Jul 27, pm.

Mac remote web access to Windows SBS 2011

Posted: Sun Jul 29, pm. Posted: Mon Jul 30, pm. Posted: Tue Jul 31, am. Posted: Tue Jul 31, pm. Posted: Wed Aug 01, am. Posted: Wed Aug 01, pm. Posted: Tue Aug 07, pm. Posted: Thu Aug 09, am. Posted: Mon Aug 13, pm. Asked by Jonny Wright. But it relies on ActiveX controls and won't work on a Mac. That is at least the case with SBS I'm not sure if that's changed in newer versions of SBS , Is RDP necessary though? It's not really that secure. Perhaps consider Logmein or any other similar service?

Edit: Actually there is a web site that is published with RDS roles. I don't know how compatible it is with Mac though. I imagine it may work with how Microsoft has been moving away from ActiveX reliant features. I think I'll give logmein a try. Just seems a shame when theres a readily available service as part of the OS. Anyhow, I will experiment and post with findings.

From my personal experience TeamViewer has always been a great remote desktop client on all platforms :. Yes, RDP itself is great, but unfortunately it isn't very secure when open to the internet. Other third-parties like Logmein don't simply have a port open to the internet. It's opened up from the inside, so no ports are blindly accepting sessions from the world. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?