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Try animated stickers from the Trending tab in your sticker panel. Support for custom languages. Crowdsource a cloud-based language using our Translations platform - then apply it in real time. Pinned messages in small groups and Saved Messages. Greatly improved performance for GIF playback. Minor improvements and bug fixes. Start watching videos without waiting for them to download. A cartload of minor improvements here and there. Swipe left on a message to reply. Minor improvements including a fix for creating a new line when typing a message.

Advanced settings for badge counter in Notifications and Sounds. Minor improvements. Drag and drop photos, media, and documents to change the order in which they will be sent. Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move between search results. Automatically switch to the dark version of the interface after dark or at scheduled times. Full support for MacBook Pro touch bar. Take that, upside down scans! New section in Shared Media for voice and video messages.

Various fixes and improvements. Improved search menu: frequent contacts now show online status and unread badges. Improved music player: now displays album art, hover on the player to see the current playlist. Report individual messages and restrict users in supergroups. Replace media when editing messages. Improved previews for links with multiple attached media. Improved global search. Added the new Dark Mojave theme. A multitude of minor improvements. Redesigned recording audio and video messages. Added audio streaming support.

Added Network Usage to Settings. Added support for multiple proxies. Start typing in the new search field to quickly access your sticker sets or find new trending stickers. Also works for GIFs and emoji. Auto-download settings for media. Choose a custom dowload folder. I have not been using iCloud for mail, and the Mail checkbox is not checked. Can you please point me in the right direction? Make sure the com. Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you! Some will contain data that is necessary like a registration key.

Hi, It became time to redo my computer, which had El Capitan on it but was getting very slow and unsteady after many non-standard re-starts.. I made a bootable thumb drive with El Capitan on it, erased my hard drive, re-installed El Capitan, and did my best to restore everything from Time Machine. How can I fix the empty mailboxes? BTW, the V3 folder is of size 1. Time Machine restore often brings back the problems you had that would be fixed by a clean install. Containers folder does not contain your data.

You should be able to recover from Time Machine V2 folder before you upgraded. Some users have lost data when El Capitan Mail imported. Download the demo for Emailchemy. Select to recover from Apple Mail. Select to export as. Import the results back into Mail. Now I just have what is in my inbox. I have tried emailchemy but they have not been restored.

How to Rebuild the Spotlight Index macOS Sierra

How do I use emailchemy to do this? If not, then go back into Time Machine and restore the Mailboxes folder. Hello Diane I changed machines like Bill above, from a macbook pro to a Macbook pro retina mid just a few days ago. My old machine had upgraded to El Captain and my email was working just fine. When I migrated, one of my emails stopped working. I tried to follow instructions from my service provider but mail freezes at some stage and I cannot get past that.

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My Gmail works but all the mailboxes that I had created on my previous mac did not come along. Please assist. Uncheck Mail for that account. Delete that enter folder if IMAP. In MailData, delete the files with envelope in the name. Open Mail. It will reindex your files. It should download correctly now. If not we would need to look at removing containers folder and other possible repairs.

Not enough info to guess.

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I doubt it would be less than an hour but most likely not more than two hours. How many accounts? What type of account s? My other account seems to be preventing sending mail from this mac. Let me try from my iPhone. I received your reply and sent times to connect via email. You can also contact me via Skype. My Skype name is dianeoforegon. Hello — you seem to really know your stuff.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

My issue is that my godaddy email keeps redownloading over and over. I tried everything deleting account etc… Basically my gmail imports fine but my imap godaddy email starts downloading and syncs fine an hour later all emails disappear and it redownloading again?? Any ideas? I just want a clean setup. Since it it IMAP it will download again. When you delete the account in Mail, the actual folder with the messages is not deleted.

Try the following: Select to remove the Gmail account in Mail. Uncheck Mail in Go Daddy. You can tell by looking in the folders. This will give us a fresh start and not try to sync up the changes. Log out. Log in and empty the trash. This reindex your mail first. After Mail opens your Go Daddy account should download correctly. I am hugging you through the phone. How many messages in Inbox and Sent folders? After many failures using other suggestions, this method has finally enabled El Capitan Mail to download all my Gmail emails.

I am creating regular backups on a near-daily basis, so I will have access to TM backups after importing the original V2 folder… Would you recommend somehow identifying and exporting messages that have been filed since the upgrade, then importing them separately? I am waiting to try this fix until I have a good idea of how to handle this, but with every day, the number of filed messages grows as I have rules created to do this automatically.

Also, should I export and reimport my rules and signatures? Or will those import with the V2 import? Each Import is saved under a folder named Import, Import-1, etc. If these folders are missing older emails then you will need to restore from an older Time Machine backup. Now you have two Import folders with duplicates. This is were it can be a bit tricky…merging two folders. I would note the newest email from the December backup in each folder. Find that email in the newer folders and delete all the older emails.

Now you can move all from newer into the older folder. Rules and Signatures are best created new. This is very unfortunate to hear. They do not export at all. Interestingly, the rules upgraded and imported well, as did the signatures, the first time I upgraded to El Capitan. Nevertheless, I followed your directions to the letter, and strangely enough, the rules and signatures are actually still there, without importing again. All rules were unchecked i. No folder, no messages, no nothing. Perhaps I will try the Genius Bar in a couple of weeks when I am in a better headspace about it all.

Had to reinstall from scratch a machine that went through many upgrades, last to El Capitan. In the backup I have post El Capitan upgrade the emails are in a V3 folder although they use the old V2 naming. Traditionally I would have moved the folder and waited for Apple Mail to rebuild and check it all, but this time it does not happen.

The copied folders are simply ignored. If hidden…. Enter Time Machine Select the Mailboxes folder. In that case you would need to convert with Emailchemy then import the new mbox files. If Library is not hidden in the Finder…. If you have Time Machine on an external drive were you can see Backups.

I experienced a lot of Mail problems after upgrading to El Capitan. I found a fix…. Quit mail 2. Go to web mail access your inbox via a browser with same login as in Mail 3. Delete one message preferably spam 4. It should be functoning normally. So far this has worked for me, but as they say, the mileage varies. Good luck. I set up mail on an older Mac leaving messages on the server so as not to lose them and I could see the real messages in the inbox and delete one.

After doing this I restarted El Capitan Mail and it worked. Hi my husbands mac has multiple email accounts within mac mail which all worked fine until upgrading to El Capitan and even after a second full reinstall its still not working correctly, and very slow often causing the computer to freeze, emails end up being saved in drafts multiple times, emails wont clear off the server, progress bar states emails are being downloaded when there are none to download, etc etc.

His laptop is about 4 years old and we are now going back to Yosemite. We are in the process of backing up the Mboxes by copying the V3 folder and by also exporting the mboxes through the application — which is very lengthy as there are mxboes within mboxes folders within folders in the folder hierarchy that we have created in on my mac Why mac just cant provide a single export button to export absolutely everything in one go and preserve the hierarchy is beyond me, unless there is a way you can export everything that I dont know about? Outlook is so much easier just copy the pst file, all folders and structures within are preserved, job done.

Please can you let me know if once mboxes have been used within El Capitan V3 can you re imported them back into Yosemite V2. One final question — if we cannot get mac mail to work is there a way or importing mboxes into Outlook to create a pst file. The answer to reverting is not simple and I will address this in another post with detailed info. You might find the tips in this article to be helpful.

Outlook for Mac can only import a. You cannot create. If you are using POP accounts you should stick with Mail. Outlook does not sync to iCloud contacts and calendars so if you want to sync to your iPhone you will have to get an Exchange account if you use Outlook. I could seriously hug you right now! After nearly two weeks of searching for a solution I knew it had to be something simple , this worked like a charm! Just updated to El Capitan, reluctantly after reading about the many potential problems. Following yours, step by step, and all mailboxes, except for On My Mac, not important right now and accounts functioning again!

Many, many thanks for your time, much much appreciated! I went through all of the steps. Any suggestions? You can have two iCloud accounts but only the primary will have all the options available. I was hopeful that this solution would fix my el cap mail problems, but no such luck. Mail still regularly fails to download new messages unless I take accounts offline and then back online to force a connection. Then when it does download the messages, it frequently fails to sync the account, so deleted and read messages do not get updated on the IMAP server, my phone retains or downloads the deleted messages, and mail on the mac often re-downloads the messages I have already deleted.

Failure to download issues seems to be related to Avast anti-virus software. Disabling the Mail Sheild feature in Avast has fixed this. The following problem description is not really a reply to the last post but it might be helpful for others — and there still is sth. As I have a lot of mails, the import took some hours.

The problems: 1.

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  • Normally importing does not harm the Computer that provides data. Explanation to 1. This made the system identify with two computers at once. Therefore I will never again import from the original but from a copy. Explanation to 2. After deleting these additional files, V3 is now about 30 GB. First, I never try importing from another drive.

    Always copy over the data to the boot drive before trying to import. It sounds like you might have IMAP accounts. You imported the old IMAP that are not actually connecting but taking up space. Without actually seeing your files, I could only guess. Have El Capitain Is there a way I can get the sent to work — checked library and noticed all the sent mail had only yesterdays date where as the other folders inbox etc had different dates for the mail — Can you help by any chance?

    I would be so grateful — am grateful that you serve so much to dissolve frustration and problems here for people. When you have a complex issue like you are describing, trying to explain how to troubleshoot is a bit like a surgeon explaining how to do the surgery. If you open Connection Doctor under Window in the Menu bar, do you see any red icons to indicate a failure to connect?

    How many accounts do you have? Have you checked the contents of your V3 folder? Hello I recently upgraded to I am now working my way through your instructions. Can you please advise where my old emails are stored as I do not have a V2 folder in my mail folder. Did you backup prior to doing the upgrade? Are you sure you are looking in the right Library. Do you see the V3 folder?

    How to fix the Apple Mail search problem in MacOS X Lion - makandra dev

    I did the install based on a set of instructions I found on the Internet. They did not mention anything about mail accounts. Did a complete backup with Time Machine prior to upgrade. Unhid the Library using the instructions at the top of the article. There is a V3 folder in my Mail Folder. Was progressing with the instructions and testing my mail accounts as per Step 2. Since posting this comment, Apple Care advised me to re-create my mail account. I have done this and it has imported approx emails into my inbox; nothing into my sent mail.

    Do I have to manually sort through emails which I had previously done? Is there a way to easily identify the emails that were in my inbox and sent mail prior to the upgrade? How do I get my sent mail back? Not sure what to do now …. Your problems are a result of how POP accounts work. Did Apple Care ask you what type account? They should have advised you differently. Most likely they assumed you had an IMAP account. IMAP keeps all folders on the server and everything downloads again after you remove and add back the account. A little about POP accounts…. Mail only communicates with the Inbox.

    If you move a message to a folder, depending on your settings under Advanced tab the message could be deleted or left on the server. The Time Machine backup was prior to the El Capitan upgrade. I removed the POP account after the upgrade but the mail data should be exactly the same, as mail did not work at all after the upgrade. Is this correct? When I import the mailboxes, will they overwrite my existing inbox and sent mail OR will they append to the existing inbox and sent mail OR will they appear as new folders in my mail?

    It does not delete any personal folders. I suggest you restore the entire Mail folder from Time Machine. You can select to restore to the Desktop if you use the gear option in the Time Machine window toolbar. Drag the imported folder to the Desktop. Navigate to this folder when selecting to Import Mailboxes… You can select all or just the folder you want.

    When you import correctly it imports into a folder named Import with all your data as subfolders. It does not overwrite. I did a clean install onto a new MBP and it is going well. I cannot locate that folder. Thanks, David. Were you running El Capitan Mail prior to moving over the data? Do you still have access to the old Mac? A million of Thanks. Your article allow me to end a problem where the Mail App , under El Capitan I follow your instructions and worked fine. All the above mentioned problems , ended. Thanks again. Hi Diane Thank you very much for your help and patience.

    All is OK now — I have re-created my mail accounts and restored my inbox and sent mail prior to upgrade from Time Machine. One last question — what is the best website to refer to when executing an upgrade? I did do some research prior to upgrading to El Capitan but it seemed that relevant information was spread across many sites and difficult to collate to a single set of instructions!

    There is no easy answer to one site. In general, stay away from a new version of OS X until at least v3 is released. THEN start doing research. Email is important to everyone, so I would search for issues with email first. I try to keep this site updated with the newest issues. The upgrade process is not the same for everyone. It depends on hardware, type of install clean or over current files applications used and skill level of the user. Usually each ebook has a free chapter sample. El Capitan Catalog Catalog. There is a problem creating mbox file by dragging from Outlook at this time.

    Add the account to Apple Mail and the data will download. You can then move off the server if desired. You can export data from Outlook as. This will import correctly. Thank you for taking the time to write this, it has been most helpful. You have saved lives. Thanks for this.

    If Mail was quit and restarted, the new message would appear. The account is an exchange account, which worked very well until the switch to El C. You need to give Mail a bit to settle out after the initial download. Spotlight has to have time to index your messages. Your Spotlight index might be corrupt. You could reindex your entire drive. Drag the drive to Privacy in Spotlight then remove. This can take hours. I suggest that you look at your Exchange Inbox. The Inbox syncs more frequently than any other and should be kept as clean as possible. Do NOT make subfolders under the Inbox.

    Any folder with more than a few thousand messages is going to take some time to fully come down when you first sync your account. This is why it will look like you are not getting new mail when a folder is still going through initial sync.

    This is also further exacerbated by an Exchange issue where it gets unnecessary change events before the newer mail arrives. The Inbox does get high priority so it will generally sync before other folders that also need to sync. Mail does not make a sending or receiving sounds and in only one account the emails will not print. Apple tech recommend to stop using that account in mail and switch to thunderbird so I can print. Any experience or ideas to help would be appreciated. FYI I still have the old iMac and it has none of these issues but still on maverick.

    Apple Mail Recommendation

    I suggest you test in a new User. You can setup the problem account in this clean environment and see if you experience the same issues. Log into the new User. You can skip logging in with an Apple ID. Hit continue then skip. Mail will be in the Dock. Open Mail and add your account. Thanks for the help. Reindexing and waiting for the restore to settle seems to have done the trick. After upgrading to El Capitan When I try to reply to a message, a totally blank message window pops up and I cannot close it. I have to quit Mail and reopen it. Then I can close the message window.