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The 4 lights near the bottom of the wiimote will blink for a while. You will see the software recognize the wiimote after several seconds - if not, press the buttons on the wiimote again. Once the software recognizes the wiimote the battery level will change , you should calibrate the screen. Let the wiimote-whiteboard software do its job. Do experiment with the position of the wiimote. Remember that it is used here as a camera, and it has a viewing angle of about 45 degrees.

I find myself putting the wiimote to the left as you face the screen of the screen. This is because I am right-handed, and it becomes easier for the wiimote to see the infrared light if it is on the left, and I am using the infrared light in my right hand to draw on the screen. If the software does not recognize the wiimote, make sure your wiimote is in the pairing mode bottom lights blinking.

If not, press buttons 1 and 2 again. Many of the steps above are valid for a windows machine. However, be aware that many users are experiencing trouble with bluetooth drivers; not all work properly with the wiimotes. I am too lazy to use windows What you need to make things work: 1. In Bluesoleil, click on the orange circle.

Wiimote Whiteboard [MAC]

Note: the Wiimote's lights must be flashing, if not, press and hold buttons 1 and 2 on the Wiimote again. When the device pops up, double click on its icon. Follow the prompts until there is a green dashed line connecting the Wiimote icon to the orange circle. For Mac, the process is very different. Locate the built-in Bluetooth application. Turn Bluetooth on if it is not already on.

Make sure that the Bluetooth settings are set to "visible.

Wiimote Whiteboard - ETEC

In the Bluetooth application, click "scan for devices" or something similar. The Nintendo Wiimote's name should eventually pop up.

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Click on the name and register or pair with it. Open the actual Wiimote Whiteboard application. The program should immediately identify the Wiimote and connect it with the program. If part of this precess does not work make sure that the lights on the Wiimote are flashing or on at all times. After syncing the Wiimote, you must place the Wiimote in a spot where it will be able to sense the Infrared's movement.

This step is the least predictable and sometimes the most difficult part of the whole Wiimote Whiteboard process. An important tidbit of information to keep in mind while executing this step; a Nintendo Wiimote has a viewing angle of about 45 degrees. For a desktop screen, laptop screen, or a small projected surface, place the Wiimote at a height about as tall as the middle of your screen. Next, the Wiimote should be off center 8"" left or right. I suggest to the left for righties and to the right for lefties.

In-depth Wiimote Whiteboard How-to

The Wiimote should be about three feet back from the screen for a 20" screen. It should be farther away for larger screens and closer for closer screens. Also, the Infrared camera end of the Wiimote should be pointed at the center of the screen. Since the Wiimote cannot magically suspend itself in mid-air, you will have to use either a full sized tripod or another elevated surface to stabilize the Wiimote in its rightful place.

For a large projected image the process is very similar with a few changes. A quick fix is to place the Wiimote on top of the projector with it pointing towards the center of the projected image. This will not work for every configuration, but has worked most of the time for me. Otherwise, the Wiimote can be placed half way up the screen, off center three to five feet, back five to eight feet and pointing at the center of the screen.

Adjust this placement as needed because it is very subjective. The Wiimote can be held in place by a tall camera tripod or a ladder, which will probably look tacky. You might also be able to attach the Wiimote to a ceiling, but the placement would obviously be a little different.

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The last step for actually setting up the Wiimote Whiteboard is calibration. Start by opening up your chosen Wiimote Whiteboard program. Click on the "Calibrate" button, it should be obvious. A nearly blank screen should pop up with a tiny crosshair in the upper right-hand corner. A new crosshair should pop up, and again use the Infrared pen to "click" on it. Repeat this until the calibration screen goes away. This step is crucial because it determines how accurate the Wiimote Whiteboard will be.

If the "clicking" does not seem accurate enough, the calibrating can be re-done as many times as you would like. To calibrate again, just re-click "Calibrate" and repeat the crosshair prompts. If you are having problems with your Wiimote Whiteboard system, post a comment on this Instructable or search for your problem on www. Each Wiimote Whiteboard program is different, so to find more specifics on your Wiimote Whiteboard program, go to its website and there should be more details, or explore the application.

Thank you and good luck! Question 4 weeks ago on Step 6. Not Supported on Winsock. Anyone else have this problem.

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  5. Any help will be great, Thanks. Question 7 months ago. Question 1 year ago on Step 7. Reply 1 year ago. As a teacher, I only have access to a whiteboard en a beamer.

    So i was investigating in, how to turn that into a smarboard. Your idea seems to have the ingredients. In school the computers are running on Microsoft windows 8, and at home where I would like to test the idea the computer is running on windows I cant seem to find software for this generation of windows.

    Why Use A Smartboard?

    Hello, I have gotten through all of the steps, but I can not control the mouse. The calibration worked fine, but after I got through it, the ir pen cannot control the mouse. I have a laptop connected to a bigger screen LED , and I'm using that bigger screen. Should I use the laptop screen instead? Thank you in advance! Reply 7 years ago on Step 7. Reply 3 years ago. We have used the wiimote via blutooth with the driver that allows the wiimote act as a mouse.

    Then it works with most any program. This isn't a bad instructable. I congratulate you on your lack of failure. There is a problem though. The wiimote should be at an angle to the screen on your off hand side. If it is in line with the projector your body or hand can get in the way. If it is on your off hand side it sees it from an angle that will almost never be blocked by parts of your body. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction.