Top 10 most expensive mac apps

The app generates and autofills passwords to every site you visit, encrypting your data with a single password you create. Pixelmator is an exceptional photo editing tool and stand-in for Photoshop.

The Best Mac Apps

Users open and save images as PSD files with layers, just as they would in Photoshop. Pixelmator is extremely user-friendly and allows for much more customization than the average photo editing app. One of Fantastical's coolest features is its ability to understand natural language.

The app pulls data from your natural sentences and automatically adds them to your calendar, saving you time. Fantastical integrates perfectly with Google Calendar and iCal , making it the only digital calendar you'll need to update again. The Mac App Store , now two years old and offering just under 16, apps , is chock-full of great resources for Mac users. Whether your passion is photography, writing or gaming, the Mac App Store has a program that can help you do it better.

See also: 22 Best Mac Apps of While it offers many excellent industry-specific programs in fields like design, music production and photography, we searched for apps useful to the widest array of users.

Top 5 Most Expensive Macs of all time!

Loads of these desktop apps are free, but a few are worth your wallet. In the gallery above, we've compiled 18 paid apps worth the money. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more.

Carrot Weather

Tech Like Follow. Image: Pages. The app has a minimalistic layout, so users focus on the content instead of the design. Image: ReadKit.

5 of the Most Expensive Apps on iTunes

In version 1. Image: Day One. The app helps allocate funds to specific bills, saving users time and money. Image: You Need A Budget 4. But not all apps are low in price. Here are 10 of the most ludicrously expensive apps you can buy. In Google Play there are dozens, if not hundreds of games where you run along an endless path and avoid obstacles. There are two things that set Super Color Runner apart from those games.

The best Mac software both free and paid

The Most Expensive App Danger prides itself on being nothing more than a waste of money. Or as they like to put it, it allows you to show your status in life. The app does nothing else but show you a message congratulating you on downloading the app and patting you on the back for being rich, saying you deserve it. Amazingly, it has a perfect five star rating, albeit just one person rated it.

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But we guess if you say the app does nothing, and then you deliver on that, it must be worth a five-star rating. How many people see your phone screen and actually pay attention to your apps? People may not notice your shoes, either, but at least they serve a function. It also shows what would happen without treatment, similar to what Lisa Simpson saw in the episode where she needs braces. The app also contains about 80 minutes of lessons for the dentists to explain conditions and treatment plans, and it recommends methods to help influence patients so that they make better decisions regarding their dental health.

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But are there pricey apps—either with a big up-front expensive or in-app purchases—that are worth their price? Last week, we asked you what was the " most expensive app you've ever bought and why.

These are the 11 apps that you all think are worth the money—some are only a couple dollars, while others require a steeper investment. One of the best games on Android or iOS. It's the full game with the controls modified for touchscreen, and that's it.

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  • No ads, no micro-transaction crap. SkySafari Pro is probably my most expensive app, but it's pretty much a one-stop-shop for any amateur astronomer.

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    Perfect for playing at home and experimenting with different effects etc, recording into garage band for iPad. If you need more music-making suggestions, consider BeatMaker 2 as well. But considering that I'm a meteorologist, I've spent much more on websites. For the 2 bucks you get a lot.