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While many versions offer the original three endings, the SNES only has one. Several weapons were cut, as well as the ability to charge them. When they are struck, they sport comedic bulging eyes. One boss, the woolly mammoth, actually loses his tusks and trunk as the battle progresses. Also of interest is the simultaneous co-op play. While you can choose to work together, there is also a "super mode" on some consoles, which allows friendly fire. Suddenly your fight against Neanderthals also becomes a competition with your partner.

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No matter the mode, whoever scores the most hits against the boss wins the coveted kiss from the cave babe you have rescued, while the other sulks in the background. Though not marketed as such, Congo's Capers Tatakae Genshijin 2 is a direct sequel, and the similarity can be seen in the enemy design.

They're great platformers, full of fun and great graphics. People looking for a good co-op experience should especially take a look at these games. There are so few examples of simultaneous co-op, and these are a fantastic place to start. Images by Hardcore Gaming Shop knowing that you are going to get the best service and store policies available. Just Press Play is the best place to buy, sell and trade games.

Stay to the far left to avoid the cavemen she spits out. Move to the right, as she lunges at you from time to time! This full grown Pterodactyl is really mad because you have been picking on its babies. It will drop eggs that hatch into more babies as one means of attack. It will also dash across the screen at high speeds. Your best bet is to stay on the ground and fire Boomerangs or Bones as it flies overhead. Watch out for those wind gusts, too! If you have a key by the time you get to the first blue spot on the map, then you will be able to destroy the evil gate and gain access to the super bonus room.

Keys can be obtained by discovering the bonus rounds in each level with a red egg. In this bonus room, you must catch all of the meat. A 1-Up will appear, but you should not catch it. When it hits the ground, it will disappear and four more 1- Ups will appear! Go for it! All you really have to do is stay in the left hand corner and shoot out Boomerangs or Stone Wheels. You will get hit every once in a while, but you will win. Get a second key from the bonus round in level two and you cart open up this evil gate to find another bonus round. In this round, you must make a choice of which egg to crack open.

Inside, you will find all types of goodies. The egg on the far right has a 1-Up in it, so this may be the most favourable choice. Fire or Stone Wheels should polish off this overgrown sea monster. It will spit fish out at you and lunge at you from under the water. It is very weak and will not be a tough Boss to beat. Be careful, sometimes it will return your shots at you threefold.

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Use Boomerangs or Stone Wheels on it for the best results. After much damage is done, boulders will fall from the sky. You can stand between them as you finish the mean, old Mastodon off. Those lovable Neanderthals are back on your NES!

Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics – Review

Choose to play as Joe or Mac and set off to rescue the gorgeous cave babes. Watch out for pesky pterodactyls, stone-tossing dudes and incredibly detailed bosses as they would love to finish you off! Collect power-ups that include hammers, arrowheads and stone wheels. It's tough to judge this new 8-Bit entry next to its bigger Bit cousin because of the differences in graphics and play control.

But the overall premise remains valid and the action somewhat enjoyable. Many of the sections were tedious to maneuver and the game way too short, but interesting enough to be playable. Data East must be given credit for continuing to support the rapidly dying NES.

Joe and Mac is a very good game considering the limitations of the system. Although the game is short and a bit on the easy side, the younger audience will thoroughly enjoy this version. Nice backgrounds!

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Joe and Mac on 8-Bit, oh joy! Why bring out an inferior version of a bit game? The graphics are OK for 8-bit and feature parallax scrolling backgrounds and large bosses. The game play is good but the buttons should be reversed, because powering up your weapon and jumping is very difficult. A short but tough cart.

Somehow the appeal just isn't here. Joe and Mac is a really cute game, but it isn't the same. The graphics need to be a little smoother for a grand rating, but it will suffice to say that Joe and Mac is a good game for kids. I cannot see a serious gamer getting a real charge out this version. Kill all of the small dinosaurs before you crack the egg and you will be flown to a hidden bonus level in which you can power-up your weapon and collect a key to get you in the blue dots on the map.

Also, in Level 9, there will be a red egg in the beginning of the level. Crack it and you will be taken to another hidden level. The classic caveman game is back with better graphics and more dino challenges. In this adventure, you must find the seven Rainbow stones to build a bridge and retrieve the village's crown. The evil prehistoric Gork is awaiting you at his stone castle where he is hiding the sacred crown. Fight alone or with a friend to become the hero. Pick up your stone axes as you set off on a prehistoric rescue mission.

Braving a wild and wacky world filled with flowing lava, rock slides, and more primordial monsters than you can shake a club at. Its true arcade action, with big, coin-op style graphics and the baddest two-player option ever. This game offers more than the Super NES version in that it is actually closer to the arcade version!

However, I wasn't exactly the greatest fan of this game in the first place, but for die-hard fans, check this one out! The two cave dudes with an attitude are back in 8-Bit form on the NES! With them are the Neanderthal knuckleheads that have stolen the cave women! To get them back, you must go it alone as either Joe or Mac. On your way, there will be many obstacles to overcome. The levels include tons of pterodactyls, moving bushes, rolling rocks, baby dinos and incredible bosses.

In fact, there are two bosses for each level! While running through each stage, you can use your weapon to get rid of any foes that may be unfortunate enough to get in your way. Starting out with the stone hammer, you can take out enemies with ease. But, as the action increases, you will need to increase your weapon power.

Find cavemen that carry large eggs. When you hit them, they will drop a weapon. The arrowhead is the weakest and has a short range. The boomerang is fast and moderately powerful. The stone wheel can go long distances and is a very powerful weapon. When you defeat the second boss of each level, you will free one of the cave babes. You must hurry! They are depending on you to save them! Many of the Super Famicom games are just rehashes of older Famicom games.

This unique soft starts with a clean slate and ends up with a comical adventure involving cavemen as the main characters. It's a great 2 player game with humorous animations and really huge dinosaurs as enemies. Very colorful and easily one of the best SF games in quite a while. Look for even more detailed strategy in this section! Our two adventurous cave dudes were last seen in the icy caverns battling a ferocious mastodon.

We'll guide you through the last half of the game, teach you a few ways to max out your lives and provide shortcuts right to the last level! The cave babes are lost and lonely and desperately need your help. Check out these awesome maps and techniques to help rescue those poor little babes. In this round, you must crack one of the eggs open. Be sure to crack the third egg from the top to get a 1-up. Try to crack two eggs at once by using the Stone Wheel!

Boss Eight is a big and nasty Tyrannosaur that really means business. Use the Stone Wheel to cause the most damage to the Boss. It will spit rocks and cavemen at you, so be on your guard when it opens its mouth. It will strike at you on the ground; use your club to get in a few good hits. You will be attacked by a dinosaur skeleton. All you have to do is hit it in the head with your weapon. It will break into many pieces and fall towards the ground.

Crouch in the lower left hand corner for safety. After you cause significant damage to the Boss, its head will detach and strike at you. Just jump over and hit it from below when it returns to the body. This big Tyrannosaur is about the same as the previous bosses, but a lot stronger. The best weapon to use is the Stone Wheel because of its strength. Tired of the rat race? Want to go back to a simpler time? You'll be transported back through the time of NES prehistory.

Joe was out hunting his dinner when a pack of scheming savages ransacked his pad and stole his woman, Mac. With axe in hand, he went out to conquer the side-scrolling prehistoric terrains in search of his cave babe. Don't think the Neanderthal world is hassle free. Joe must single-handedly conquer all kinds of roaring reptilians, including Baby Pteranodons, Archaeopteryx, Zephyrosaurus, Helirock Bombs a helicopter that drops bombs , and more.

Each of the five stages has two terrains to conquer and two Lords of the Landscape to beat. ProTip: To beat the first Lord, stand at the right of the screen. When he spits his boulders, jump over them just before they reach your feet. Then jump up and throw your axe as he backs away. This game tests your patience more than your ability. The levels take no time to run through.

Your opponents are like the terrain -- sparse. As for the boss 'saurs, they have distinct, predictable patterns and they move slowly. However, they have double the life energy you have. For every hit, you lose one life bar, but it takes two hits to make their bars go down. Also, you have only three lives and no continues. To beat the second Lord, avoid the rocks and small 'saurs that he spits. Throw your weapon at his nose when his mouth is open.

You need to be near his face to get your hits in. To combat these monstrosities, you have a few tools of the Neanderthal trade. Besides your high jump, you start out with a stone axe. However, when you conquer foes, you can collect their discarded weapons -- Flints, Boomerangs, Fire, and Stone Wheels.

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You can also build your strength by not skipping meals. If your enemies aren't dropping weapons, they may drop food. Chow down to restore your health bar. The flat backgrounds and sprites don't make you want to club your way through this game. As for the music, it's not rock 'n' roll. Instead, you get rock-splitting clinks and clanks. Its basic game play will probably keep beginning players in front of the fire, but more advanced gamers will want to evolve to greater challenges. Nerd-bashing has been going on since the dinosaur days -- just ask cave-dudes Joe and Mac.

They know from first hand experience the devastating aftermath of nerd-bashing -- nerd revenge! Yes, the cave-nerds are having the last geeky chuckle 'cause they crept into Joe and Mac's camp and scared off all the Cave Babes. There's only one thing to do now -- grab a club and scour the countryside. Not only are Joe and Mac handsome fellows, you get the pleasure of enjoying both of their mugs at the same time. Another groovy game-play option is the 2 Player Super Game, which enables you to either compete or cooperate in the search for the Cave Babes.

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There's also a Mode selection for skill levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The only detectable difference between the Modes is that you're allowed the most continues in Easy 3 and the least in Hard 2.