Gtx 680 mac pro mountain lion

I am eager to find if someone host the Did anybody try the yet? Would love to swap it out for a , which should run way cooler and more silent.. Is this a stock GTX we are talking about? Do I have to flash the bios of the card? Can confirm the GTX works. Installed mLion GM and the card just works without installing drivers, patching etc etc.

I just want to benchmark it to see if I can get the highest score ever recorded. Follow us here. Comments Mike. June 13th, am. Finally I can replace my power hungry GTX and not cripple my hackintosh! Also with the card used in this pic, was the fan speed controlled properly? Great news guys…Is it 2. June 13th, pm. So the gtx will work on Mountain lion only?

Wich model works better? Can only run 2 displays at once so far. Likely it is at 2. June 14th, am. Displayport works standalone for sure. So basically Ive never installed a Gpu. June 14th, pm. If Lion can you teach us how? June 16th, pm.

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June 18th, pm. Tan: I have both Systems. June 19th, am. OpenCL works automatically. June 20th, am. Black on the 27 inch. June 22nd, pm. June 23rd, am. Tan: GraphicsEnabler is definitely enabled on my PC. Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. Nope, it won't work.

Building The Dual-Boot Win 7 / Mountain Lion i7 GTX 680 Snow White Hackintosh

As far as I know, the last mac card nvidia made was the GTX for mac. Regular Guy. Drivers support hardware, does your system's support section or tech support have a driver for newer hardware? If you go to nVidia. It is too much to create another partition or get another drive for another OS, or can your work be done on another OS?

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GPU Power " MacVidCards or Stock? It might very well be MacVidCards, tho I'm not sure. I'll take a look at my eBay history I might find em, maybe they can help you with this debacle. NiBiTor for is almost there In DP1 it didn't exist. But a lot has happened since the GTX Very likely given past refreshes and OS X support that OS X support which also takes months and a couple updates, looking at Mountain Lion and fall for "full" support for anything new.

Nvidia GTX 4gb question

Most people are happy to be able to use a GTX and the improvements and potential it shows. It is more like a desert with no refreshment. Yes it is a joke. Which is one reason I stopped using OS X. But some still do. And because I have never used anything this quiet which is very important for me, I went thru 5 cases and a couple builds to get a PC the way I like.

For a dual Xeon it is compact and mid-size but it is not designed to have more than one double wide card, not really you do have two full 16x slots though. Get a PC and be happy! I'm a big Apple fan and I prefer their products for everything but my "play" computer.

I use a 3GB GTX Classified Hydro Copper in my Hackintosh and the cuda drivers as well as the regular drivers are available from the Nvidia website and the opencl drivers can be enabled using the multibeast tool from the tonymacx It plays great with OS X Lion I've also seen where people said that they had performance gains after upgrading to a 3GB card from a 1.

A GTX is essentially an SLI setup on one pcb so unless there's been an update I'm unaware of, you may be barking up the wrong tree. Everything I have seen, because Apple Mac Pro has not and will not provide SLI even running Windows you could at best only use and would only see half of the It WILL work with 6 to 8 pin cable converters, but i wont advise it, in the end you can end up frying your machine.

What worked for me, and what actually is a good solution in my mind is an external power supply. I bought a silent coolermaster W, - made the short circuit on the cable google it to make the PSU stay on even while not connected to a motherboard - i then took the wires 2x 8 pin from the PSU, and let them go inside the back of the Mac Pro, through an open slot - hooked them up to the GTX and voila.

Mac OSX works fine and even identifies the card correctly.