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Instead of admitting fault and cutting ties with the new mechanism, Apple has doubled and tripled down on it. Or just go back to the old way. The world would be a better place if Apple simply put that keyboard with a backlight into its MacBooks. Instead, Apple will develop some new method with a new name and a new set of superlatives that it will claim will be better than what we have now. You can usually find him with his nose buried in a screen. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. Leif Johnson. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. Scissor beats butterfly When the butterfly mechanism arrived with the MacBook in , it was billed as a breakthrough in keyboard design.

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Mac Randomly Double Typing Keys or Double-Spacing Between Words? This Might Fix It

Enter your email address below:. This thing is slowing down productivity even for ordinary typing in Word. I have too keep checking messages sentt because it happens in a flash. I figured out the system preferences soolution and turned repeat ooff. The problem was reduced, but as you seee, it still exists.

Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Mavericks Edition by David Pogue

When you pay good moneey foor a product, continuous replacement cannot be the answeer. I shoould geet back some of my money because the product is noot worth as much as I paid foor it in my opinion. You need to contact Apple and have them replace your keyboard for free, if your keys repeat or stick or stop working as expected from this entire generation of laptops they will replace the keyboards for free.

Not as bad as yours yet, but maybe only a matter of time. I only use the built-in keyboard when I travel which is infrequent so it has very few opportunities to get dirty. I tried the system preferences option too, which did nothing. Apple will replace them for free because they are notorious for problems. I have the same problem with my MacBook I tried to solve the issue with your technique, but nothing changed. Apple will replace the keyboard for free.

Unfortunately they replace it with the same keyboard, so it will likely happen again.

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Until they do a completely different and proven keyboard design, the keyboard failures will probably keep happening. This is common to these computers, very annoying, and totally unacceptable to be ongoing for years. This has damaged the public opinion of MacBooks, it makes you wonder who at Apple is in charge of the keyboards. Go here to learn how to get your free keyboard replacement from Apple, and do it.

And when it fails again, do it again, keep replacing the junk keyboard while you can. I am bothered by this, obviously. It is not money well spent. Any suggestions on how to do it? The keyboard is probably failing on your MacBook if the keys are repeating. Fortunately, they will replace the failing keyboard for free.

Compressed air in the can is the answer. It will mostly help at least for some time, then you can repeat the process when needed. Keyboard replacement is short term solution as eventually the problem will reappear. Compressed air is not the answer. There is no PC laptop out there that jams up and fails with this regularity and where canned air is required to use the keyboard.

No other Mac laptop prior to the horrible redesign needed this either, this is a keyboard design failure. The answer is replacing the bad keyboard because the keyboard design is defective, which is why Apple has a program to replace keyboards for every single Mac laptop for sale.

This keyboard is just plain awful and unreliable. Do not buy macbooks they make this fancy touch bar which is useless but they keyboard doesnt even work. I had this issue. The dash — kept repeating even when i was not hitting the key on the keyboard.

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It would just keep inserting dashes into my text. Took it to apple. No help.

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Really disappointing. Came home and performed surgery. Lifted the key out. Blew on it. Still repeating…cleaned it a few more times.

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Still going. Finally decided to wedge a very thin piece of cardboard taken from the keyboard box itself the bit that holds the charging cord , cut very thin and wedged it between the thin plastic that holds the circuitry and the aluminium as these sit on top of each other. Problem solved. Repeat the same surgery. Apple is losing its brand reputation in a big way. I used to rave about apple and their customer service. They would go out of their way to help you solve any problem. Is that correct? The consistent keyboard problems are associated with the , , MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, and is very frustrating to say the least!

I have tried many different. Even writing this paragraph you can see the double typing that has happened. This is pathetic and the keyboards should be recalled as soon as possible. It helps a lot, and in this case, double keystroke will almost disappear. Apple should do a full product recall and replace them all free of charge with a new fixed keyboard. If dust is jamming up a keyboard, the keyboard design is bad. End of story.

Missing the point (and letters)

My opinion: if your keyboard acts up and is typing double or missing letters, get the keyboard hardware replaced right away by Apple. Keep replacing it and hounding Apple Support. I just ordered a keyboard protector and I hope it fixes the problem because dust will no longer get within keys. I have a keyboard protector and it makes no differencewhatsoever. In fact, Iremoved the keyboard protector thinking that was what was causing the problem.

This is so well known, it is a complete and total failure on the behalf of Apple to let this go on for years now with no resolution. Here is an excoriating article in the Wall Street Journal about this well known widely experienced horrible MacBook keyboard problem.

FixItRight, thanks for mentioning this tool, I will test it out on my MacBook Air Retina model and see if it resolves the key repeating issues with the spacebar. That was supposedly fixed. I get offered incomplete versions, then versions with numbers after them. None of these steps worked for me. I ended up having my MacBook Pro completely replaced. How long were you using the MacBook Pro before the keyboard issues started? And how long have you had the replacement without problems?

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For me, I bought the MacBook Air on release day in October and the keyboard double-pressing issues started this week, so it took a few months of regular use for the problem to surface. So far, it seems to have worked! I will report back, but man, that keyboard was stressing me out. The only fix that works, is to have Apple replace the keyboard under the extended warranty program, period! After you had your MacBook Pro keyboard replaced by Apple, have the keyboard problems been resolved for you?

It started a few months ago. The only way to stop it is to choose the word suggested over the keypad but that is only the word I want about half of the time. Just tilt it, hold it upside down, whatever. You should also try this with your laptop turned off, so the dust may not glue to your keyboard due to the electrical charge — this is just a guess btw, not sure if it really works that way. After doing this you should already encounter this issue very rarely and it should be completely gone in a few days.

Hope this helps somebody. Fantastic, thank you! I have a iMac Retina … that exhibits undesirable key repeats. I assumed it might just be wear and tear on the keyboard, though the keyboard seemed particularly prone to the problem from the start. It disappoints me to no end that some of these keyboards are doing this. I am not convinced it is software, I think it is hardware. The iFixit teardown showed they tried to help the key issue by putting a plastic slip under the keys in the models, but there are many complaints that the MacBook keyboards have the same reliability problems anyway.

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I found this link to be a good overview of complaints from many well known Apple fans and prominent members of the Mac community. It is hard to know how widespread the key repeating problem is, but there are many threads on Apple Discussion boards about this topic with a lot of attention.